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Budget 2018

Primary Priorities

Primary education in Ireland is under-funded, with the largest classes in the Eurozone, a lack of supports for school leadership and disadvantaged children and there is an urgent need to plan teacher supply properly. In addition, unequal pay is sapping the good will of teachers in schools.

Primary teachers deliver a top quality education service to all pupils but meeting this requires extra resources. Children get one chance in primary education and investment in the sector has an immediate and long term impact. Budget 2017 was a lost opportunity to invest in primary education. Budget 2018 is the government’s chance to make that investment.

INTO has prepared a template email (which you will see in the links below) for members to send to TDs. Please use or adapt the template email to email your TDs today. It will take 30 seconds of your time to demand::

  • reduced class sizes in primary schools towards the EU average;
  • the restoration of lost promoted posts and increased administration time for Teaching Principals;
  • fully funded school running costs;
  • action to tackle education disadvantage; and
  • a plan to deal with teacher supply properly