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John Carr (pdf, 80 kb)
Address to Equality Conference 2007 - Dignity at Work
Jacinta Kitt - Keynote Speaker (ppt, 201 kb)
Workplace Bullying - Myths and Misconceptions: Building a Positive Work Environment in Schools
Kathy McHugh (ppt, 134 kb)
Theme Paper
Maree Farrell (ppt, 145 kb)
Theme Paper
Marian Flanagan (ppt, 187 kb)
Dignity at Work - Tackling Workplace Bullying and Harassment (Discussion Group paper)
Nora Hamill/Moira Liddane (ppt, 160 kb)
Workplace Bullying - Effects on the Individual and the workplace (Discussion Group paper)
Barra Ó Dochartaigh (ppt, 857 kb)
Adult Bullying in the School Situation
Sheila Crowley (pdf, 39 kb)
Address by Sheila Crowley, Chair of INTO LGBT Group, Guest Speaker
Tony Carlin (ppt, 376 kb)
Moving On - Recovery From a Bullying Situation (Discussion Group paper)
Declan Fahie (ppt, 619 kb)
Workplace Bullying - Moving On (Discussion Group paper)
Anne McElduff (ppt, 164 kb)
Moving On Workshop
Patricia Normanly (ppt, 3,067 kb)
Moving On - Skills, Approaches to Create or Recreate a Positive Work Environment (Discussion Group paper)