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Feb/Mar 2017

INTO in the Media

Pupils’ concern despite reforms - Irish Examiner
22 Mar 2017
Second-level students are concerned that their voices will not be fully heard despite reforms aimed at giving teenagers more input into the running of schools. At a hearing of the Oireachtas education committee... INTO deputy president John Boyle said it was regrettable that the Department of Education failed to publish revised procedures agreed several years ago following discussions that included parents’ bodies.

Clare FM - Morning Focus
21 Mar 2017
Legacy of Martin McGuinness. Declan Kelleher, former President of the INTO, joins the programme to talk about Martin McGuinness.

Various factors influence when parents send children to school - Irish Times
13 Mar 17
For years, the vast majority of parents were happy to send their offspring to “big school” at four years of age. However, the latest figures confirm a trend which is gathering pace. Almost three-quarters of junior infants, when measured on January 1st, 2017 were five years of age or older...The INTO also points out that parents, in general, are making much more informed decisions about when to start their children in school and are basing it on the individual child...

Silence on primary teacher numbers - Evening Echo
3 Mar 2017
...INTO condemned the failure to notify schools of staffing numbers for the next school year...Sheila Nunan, general secretary of the INTO said teachers wanted to know about their employment prospects after the summer. "Principals want to put in place arrangements to make sure they have staffing in place," she said. "Without basic information about teacher numbers from the Department nobody is getting answers to anything." She said this information has been provided to second level schools. However primary schools are being kept in the dark and unable to begin essential planning.

Quality of teaching ‘at risk’ due to teacher shortages - Irish Times
3 Mar 2017
‘Out of field’ teachers being used at second level due to issue, says unpublished report...Unions such as the INTO say the emigration of young teachers – especially to the Middle East – is a key factor behind the shortages....

Teachers in plea for staff level clarity - Irish Mirror
3 Mar 2017
Teachers have called on the Government to clarify how many staff schools will have next year "as a matter of urgency". The INTO said principals in particular are frustrated by lack of clarity on numbers. In previous years schools have been told of staffing levels for the coming academic year in January or February. INTO chief Sheila Nunan said: "Without basic information from the department nobody is getting answers to anything". She added it was unacceptable not to provide schools with details in a timely fashion.

INTO calls for clarity on teacher numbers -
2 Mar 2017
The Irish National Teachers' Organisation has called on the Department of Education to notify schools as to the number of staff they will have for the next school year "as a matter of urgency". In a statement issued today, the union says school principals in particular are frustrated by what the INTO says is a lack of clarity on teacher numbers...

Shortage of teachers in key subjects ‘completely ignored’ - Irish Times
1 Mar 2017
Schools report an acute shortage of substitute teachers...Teaching unions and schools also report an acute shortage of substitute teachers in primary schools. The INTO estimates that about 800 substitute teachers are needed to cover absences in the 3,300 primary schools across the country...

Primed for success - Easy Parenting
1 March 2017
Tips and advice to help your child thrive in the classroom (the following information from the INTO) If children are confident about their abilities and capabilities then they will be more willing to take on new challenges. Parents can build their children's self-esteem by becoming aware of and noticing their abilities, talents, interests and skills and then drawing attention to them. Praise and encouragement can shape behaviour and promote learning. When children are praised they learn that they are special, can take pride in their achievements and become aware of their talents and abilities. If parents view children in a positive manner then they will view themselves in a positive light also. When children are aware that parents approve of their actions or activities then their level of self esteem will increase.

Female Limerick teacher reports assault by primary school pupil - Limerick Leader
25 Feb 2017
Fifth class pupil suspended after incident...“The INTO has on a number of occasions in recent years raised the matter of ‘assault leave’ with the Department of Education. A teacher who is injured as a result of an incident is clearly not ill in the normal course. The sick leave recording mechanism should immediately be recalibrated to record occupational injury which would have no impact on sick leave. This work is on-going,” they said. More and more research shows that verbal and physical attacks on teachers are on the increase, said the INTO spokesperson...

‘Changes to resources for special education needs could be damaging’ - Wicklow Times
21 Feb 2017
... "This significant flaw has already been flagged by the INTO and should be seen for what it is; a blatant attempt to reduce resources in the long run. It is the end of what is called a demand led system which will be replaced by a system of allocation which limits the rights of each individual pupil to her/his entitlement to resource teaching.

What is the right age to start your child in primary school? - Irish Times
21 Feb 2017
There is a strong argument that age four is too young for formal schooling...Generally, parents are making much more informed decisions about when to start their children in school and are basing it on the individual child, according to the president of the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation, Rosena Jordan...

Website Launch - The Connaught Telegraph
21 Feb 2017
St. Angela's National School was thrilled to be honoured with a visit from esteemed past pupil and Castlebar native, Rosena Jordan, in her capacity as the current president of the INTO. She enrolled in 1966 and was very excited and emotional to see her name appear in the clárleabhar...She spoke to the girls about her time in St. Angela's, her favourite memories of school, and explained how the school had changed and developed since she was a pupil. Rosena is a real role model, demonstrating how girls with dreams become women with vision.

Bursary for Barbara - Meath Chronicle
18 Feb 2017
Local teacher Barbara Mulvihill has been announced as a winner of a bursary from the INTO to help fund education research in Ireland. Ms Mulvihill is a class teacher in St Mary’s Convent Primary School, Trim. Her research - to Masters Level at NUI Maynooth, is an examination of the impact of teacher induction on school culture and staff relations, in schools with teaching principals.

Roscommon teacher wins INTO bursary - Roscommon People
17 Feb 2017
Caroline White from Castlerea, Co. Roscommon and a teacher in Tibohine NS, Castlerea was announced as a winner of a bursary from the INTO to help fund education research in Ireland. Ms. White's research (to Masters Level in St Angela's College, Sligo) seeks to explore the current beliefs and classroom practices of Irish primary teachers with regard to using calculators during mathematics classes.

Four schools benefit from DEIS supports - Evening Echo
17 Feb 2017
...Five city primary schools, namely St. Vincent's Convent NS, St Mary's Road, Strawberry Hill Boys NS, Sunday's Well Girls NS and Réalt na Maidine and Scoil Maria Assumpta in Ballyphehane, have also been moved from Urban Band 2 to Urban Band 1 allowing them to access greater resources and reduce pupil-teacher ratios...Reaction to the plan hasn't been unanimously positive however, with the INTO describing it as "as heavy on bureaucracy but light on resources." "There was no reduction in disadvantaged schools' class sizes in the last two budgets when non-disadvantaged schools got a decrease in Budget 2016," said INTO general secretary Sheila Nunan. "The Government needs to spell out an improved staffing plan for these schools to underpin the plan. "An action plan cannot be actioned without the necessary personnel and support for those on the frontline."

New school campaign for Waterville - Kerry's Eye
16 Feb 2017
Children are being forced to learn in over crowded, cramped and unsuitable conditions at St. Finian's National School in Waterville a meeting heard last week. A campaign has been launched by local parents, teachers and the wider community to plead with the Government to build a new school in Waterville...INTO vice president John Boyle, also attended the meeting and said the INTO would support the campaign.

Mayo principal wins INTO Bursary - Connaught Telegraph
16 Feb 2017
Fergus Seoighe, principal teacher in Scoil Phádraig, Westport...Mr. Seoighe's research (to Doctorate Level at St. Patrick's Campus, DCU) will assess the effectiveness of teaching and learning science through the medium of Irish.

Westport principal wins INTO Bursary - Mayo News
16 Feb 2017
Fergus Seoighe, principal teacher at Scoil Pháidraig in Westport was last week announced as a winner of a bursary from the INTO to help fund education research in Ireland...Speaking at the presentation of the bursaries in Dubin, the President of the INTO Rosena Jordan, said it was a source of pride to the INTO that up to 75% of primary teachers voluntarily undertake additional training and study. "By acquiring new skills and expanding their knowledge, teachers enhance their practice and ultimately everyone benefits - including the children in their classrooms," said Ms Jordan

Tibohine teacher wins INTO bursary to help fund education research - Roscommon Herald
16 Feb 2017
A teacher from Tibohine NS has been named as a winner of a bursary from the INTO to help fund education research in Ireland. Caroline White's research (to master's Level in St Angela's College Sligo) seeks to explore the current beliefs and classroom practices of Irish primary teachers with regard to using calculators during mathematics classes.

Bursary for Birdhill primary teacher - Tipperary Star
16 Feb 2017
Pádraig Egan a class teacher in Birdhill has won a bursary from the INTO to help fund research in Ireland. Mr. Eagan's research (to doctorate level in University of Dundee) will seek a deeper understanding of teachers' attitudes, values and beliefs about children's mental well-being and the impact these have on classroom practice. The study will also investigate the change processes experienced by teachers as they seek to improve their practice in relation to children's social and emotional learning.

Children to be sent home from school as lure of well-paid jobs in Dubai leads to substitute teacher shortage - WLR FM Deise Today
14 Feb 2017
A severe shortage of substitute teachers means children may be sent home from school due to lack of staff. Interview with Peter Mullan, Assistant General Secretary INTO (move to 1:22:42)

Plan to tackle disadvantage in schools described as short on resources - Irish Examiner
14 Feb 2017
...“Yet there is no provision for additional administrative support for schools to get this done. The union will insist that scarce resources must not be diverted into the monitoring and administration of the plan,” said INTO general secretary Sheila Nunan...

Modest step in right direction - Tackling disadvantage - Irish Examiner
14 Feb 2017
... The general secretary of the INTO, Sheila Nunan, points out that the 15% increase does not go anywhere near restoring cuts imposed on disadvantaged schools in recent years. She also said there is an increase in administrative obligations but that no extra resources were provided to deliver that objective....

80 extra schools that will benefit from 'equality' plan named - Irish Independent
14 Feb 2017
...Irish National Teachers' Organisation general secretary Sheila Nunan criticised the plan as "heavy on bureaucracy but light on resources"...

Tighter mortgage rules a factor in shortage of substitute teachers - Irish Examiner
14 Feb 2017
Tighter mortgage deposit rules for first-time buyers may have added to the difficulties primary schools are facing in finding substitute teachers...The INTO says principals in some places are struggling since last autumn to find staff for short-notice vacancies...

Substitute teacher crisis imminent - Connaught Telegraph
14 Feb 2017
Warning that pupils may have to be sent home from school...Joe Killeen, vice-president elect of the INTO told The Connaught Telegraph "There's a huge shortage of substitute teachers at the moment. "Across the country this week there are just 30 stand-in teachers available each day to cover absences across the 3300 primary schools."..."There were severe pay cuts for primary teachers in 2010 and 2011," he said. "Full equalisation of pay hasn't been achieved yet. Newly qualified teachers are moving out to places where there are better conditions and pay."

Children may be sent home from school due to shortage of substitute teachers - NewsTalk - The Breakfast Show
13 Feb 2017
The INTO has warned that children may be sent home from school due to a severe shortage of substitute teachers. Last week there were 30 stand-in teachers available nationwide to cover absences however, the union has said it takes 800 substitutes per day to cover the country. Interview with INTO Assistant General Secretary Peter Mullan...

Shortage of substitute teachers at crisis level - Irish Daily Mail
13 Feb 2017
A severe shortage of substitute teachers means children may be sent home froms chool due to lack of staff...It takes at least 800 such subs to cover the country, according to the INTO. It says the system is at breaking point and schools will be forced to turn away children. The INTO's Peter Mullan said: 'It's a likely scenario. At this time of year, you'd need 800 to 1,000 substitutes a day. Yet there has only been 30 to 40 available daily.

Schools out due to substitute teachers shortage - Irish Daily Mirror
13 Feb 2017
Fears pupils could be sent home as staff crisis deepens...Mr. Mullan, INTO, said newly-qualified staff are going further afield to find permanent work in countries such as Dubai and Oman. He added: "Irish teachers are recognised as being amongst the best in the world and so they are very much in demand".

Children to be sent home from school as lure of well-paid jobs in Dubai leads to substitute teacher shortage - Irish Independent
13 Feb 2017
A severe shortage of substitute teachers means children may be sent home from school due to lack of staff...This is just a tiny percentage of what is needed. It takes 800 such "subs" to cover the country, according to teachers' union INTO...

Clare FM - News    
9 Feb 2017

Clare representative of the INTO has criticised a government agency for withdrawing funding for counselling grants in national schools. Primary school teacher, Brendan Horan says that the funding is used to help the most vulnerable students...

How the pen is mightier than the emoji - Irish Independent
8 Feb 2017
Even in an era of keyboards and touchscreens, handwriting and writing remain essential skills...With a closing date this Friday, thousands of primary and post-primary pupils are dotting the is and crossing the ts on their entries for the annual An Post/INTO handwriting competition. As many as 65,000 students enter every year. Originally an initiative of the INTO, which represents primary teachers, An Post came on board as sponsor three years ago...

One TD - But No Fishing Industry Lobby - Marine Times Forum : Current Issues in the FISHING and MARINE industries
1 Feb 2017
During debates on the Programme for Government I found it impossible to get the Minister at that time, Simon Coveney and his then Government colleagues, to understand the plight of the inshore fisherman and for that matter, the small farmer. It really was a ‘no-go’ area. Everything ‘could not be better’ was the message I was getting and that could not be further from the truth.  Michael Collins, the Independent T.D., from Cork South/West wrote: But on the run up to the 2016 Budget almost every TD met with the IFA, INTO and other organisations in hotel rooms in surrounds of the Dail, so we were focused on each of their issues prior to the Budget. But there was no fishermen’s lobby group fighting the cause for their people. This has to change. Every TD needs to be lobbied and to get them focused 100% on all fishermen’s issues.