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January 2017

INTO in the Media

Margaret Skinnider Book Launched in True Mackie Style! - The Northern Standard
20 Jan 2017
The inaugural launch of Margaret Skinnider 1916 Heroine...

How will changes to provision of disability supports affect my child at school? Q&A - Irish Times
19 Jan 17
Q. Will the system work? The Department says the new model has been piloted in almost 50 schools during the past year... However, the INTO has warned that previous pledges that schools would be front-loaded with resources have fallen through. “The reality is that resources didn’t match the rhetoric. The current claim remains to be proven and will be closely monitored,” a union spokesman said...

Schools to get extra teachers for pupils with special needs - Irish Independent
19 Jan 2017
There has been a broad welcome for a new system for allocating extra teachers to schools for children with special educational needs, but with a warning that it would have to be backed up by resources...INTO general secretary Sheila Nunan said while the plan had a number of positive aspects, the "jury was out" and its success would depend on "resource provision to match the rhetoric"...

Big changes in special needs supports due in September - Irish Times
19 Jan 17
Major changes to the way teaching supports are provided to more than 100,000 children with special needs in primary and secondary school are due to come into force this September. Under the new system, parents will no longer need to secure a diagnosis or assessment for their child in order to secure special education teaching supports...The INTO said the “jury was out on the new model” and its success would depend on resource provision to match the rhetoric...

System to better target special needs resources - Irish Examiner
19 Jan 17
...The INTO cautioned that the principal’s office may be in danger of becoming the battleground for resources, saying schools would not become “gatekeepers for the State’s failure to resource schools”...

Extra 18m to help special needs pupils - Irish Daily Mail
19 Jan 2017
Schools 'to get additional 900 resource teachers'...The INTO primary school teachers union said the success of the new model would depend on 'resource provision to match the rhetoric'. A spokesman said: 'The replacement of the existing system of a general allocation with a single allocation model for schools is also an improvement which could reduce bureaucracy at school level. On the same basis the ending of the need for schools to complete an application process annually is a positive step.

The government has just made a rake of promises about special needs education -
18 Jan 17
...A statement from the union said: “It remains to be seen if the new model is simply a method of postponing resource cuts for two years.” While the INTO welcomed the greater autonomy being offered to schools and the single allocation for special education teaching resources that the model offers, the union is sceptical on other aspects of the scheme. “Previous models promised that schools would be frontloaded with resources to provide supports immediately to those pupils who needed it without delay,” their statement said. “This did not prove to be the case in many instances. It added that 600 of the 900 new teaching positions were required anyway due to increasing demographics...

New allocation system for extra teaching resources -
18 Jan 17
...The INTO union welcomed a number of aspects of the plan but said "the jury was out on the new model."...

Parents not to wait for children special educational resources - TV3 News at 5.30
18 Jan 17
Parents will no longer have to sign up for lengthy waiting list or pay for private diagnosis to get their children special educational resources. Interview with Noel Ward Deputy General Secretary, INTO...(move to 14:29)

Allocating Additional Teaching Resources - RTE Radio 1 - News at One
18 Jan 2017
A new way of allocating additional teaching resources for school students will be introduced from next September. The new model removes the need for children with special educational needs to get individual assessments in order to access extra support. Interview with Sheila Nunan, General Secretary of the INTO.

Teachers in Northern Ireland are on strike today - RTE News at One
18 Jan 2017
Thousands of school teachers in Northern Ireland are on strike today in a dispute over pay. Interview with Rosena Jordan, President of INTO... (Go to 17.03)

RTE One - Nuacht
17 Jan 17
Interview with Noel Ward Deputy General Secretary INTO, on public service pay (move to 04:33)

Any changes to school admission policies won't affect majority of schools says local principal - KCLR FM - 11:00 News
17 Jan 2017
Joe McKeown, local INTO representative and Principal of St Pat's de la Salle School in Kilkenny says the proposed changes to schools admission policies probably won't affect very many schools.

NewsTalk - The Pat Kenny Show
12 Jan 2017
Child protection vetting for 32,000 teachers this year. Deirdre O'Connor, Assistant General Secretary, INTO, joins the show to discuss why more than 32,000 teachers who qualified a decade or more ago must pass child-protection vetting checks by the Garda in the next year. (First item after the 11am news)

Margaret Skinnider 1916 Heroine - The Monaghan Connection - Northern Standard
12 Jan 2017
Mackie Rooney's fluently written and thoroughly researched new book on Margaret Skinnider - one of a number of notable female participants in the 1916 Rising who had up until recently been all but lost to history - marks a significant and tangible milestone in the relatively short history of the Monaghan based appreciation society initiated in her honour... recently described in the one sentence as a schoolteacher, suffragette and sniper - are firmly grounded in Rooney's new book.

Bruton delivers €30m in IT grants to schools – Irish Daily Mail
4 Jan 2017
Richard Bruton has announced €30million in IT grants for primary and secondary schools as part of his department’s Digital Strategy. The grant is worth some €4,000 for a 100-pupil school and around €11,000 for a 500-pupil school at primary level, said the Education Minister…The Department of Education has suggested that the money could be used to upgrade or buy desktop PCs, laptops, tablets or projectors. But teachers have argued that the grant is ‘totally inadequate’ and will not cover the cost of replacing old equipment. Sheila Nunan, general secretary of the INTO said the funding equated to just 40 euro per child of which nine euro would go straight back to government in taxes. She said the announcement failed to address key concerns of primary schools such as access to reliable high speed broadband. “Today’s announcement would not provide for the upgrading of equipment and also failed to provide any commitment to technical support to schools…