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Primary teachers reject draft pay deal

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Press Release
Irish National Teachers’ Organisation
Primary teachers reject draft pay deal

Members of the INTO have rejected the terms of the Public Service Stability Agreement 2018-2020, negotiated between public service unions and the and the government last month.

The result of the ballot was 89 per cent in favour of rejecting the deal compared to 11 per cent who voted for acceptance. There was a turnout of 19,172 in the ballot which is 53 per cent of the union’s 36,272 members in the Republic of Ireland.     

The INTO Executive considered the proposed agreement last month and recommended rejection of the terms.

Sheila Nunan, general secretary of the INTO, said the result showed clearly that the terms of the agreement were unacceptable to the vast majority of primary teachers. “The proposed agreement does not progress the issue of pay equality imposed by government on new entrant teachers,” said INTO general secretary Sheila Nunan.

“While progress was made in recent years on pay equality this was not continued in the recent pay talks. There was an opportunity to draw a line under discrimination and right a wrong imposed on new entrant teachers. The proposed agreement does not signal an end to pay inequality.”

She also said principal teachers at primary level had been waiting more than ten years for the payment of benchmarking to reduce inequality between primary and post-primary principals. “The proposed agreement offers little prospect of delivery on this within the lifetime of the agreement,” said Ms Nunan.

“For the INTO, the recent talks were about pay restoration, pay equality, the protection of pensions and the payment of principals’ benchmarking. While there has been some progress, on a number of key issues for the INTO there has not been enough progress.”

The INTO Executive will consider the outcome of the ballot next month.