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Academic and Other Allowances

  • Teachers on the 01.01.2011 to 31.01.2012 scale will have an additional qualification allowance (a pass or an honours qualification allowance as appropriate) paid until 31 December 2017. From 1 January 2018, all entrants after 01.01.2011 will be paid on a common scale which includes the value of the honours qualification allowance (€4,918) on each point of scale.
  • Teachers on the 01.02.2012 scale have had the equivalent of half the value of an honours qualification allowance (€4,918) integrated as part of their scale since 1 January 2017. From 1 January 2018, the remaining half of this allowance will be reinstated. At this point, teachers on the 01.01.2011 to 31.01.2012 scale and 01.02.2012 scale will be merged onto the same scale.  
  • A range of academic and role-based allowances were abolished for all new beneficiaries from 1 February 2012. See Circular 08/2013 Appendix 2 for more details.
   Pre 1 Feb 2012
(a) (i) H Dip in Ed (Pass)  591
(a) (ii) Higher Froebel Cert  591
(b) (i) H Dip in Ed (1st/2nd Hons)  1,236
(b) (ii) Ard Teastas Gaeilge  1,236
(c) Primary Degree (Pass)  1,842
(d) Masters Degree by Thesis or Exam (Pass)  4,918
(e) Primary Degree (1st/ 2nd/3rd Class Hons*)  4,918
(f) Masters Degree (1st/2nd Hons)  5,496
(g) Doctors Degree
Special Education Diplomas  2,437




Other Allowances

  Pre 1 February 2012
Teaching Through Irish*   €1,583
Gaeltacht Grant*   €3,063
Island Allowance*   €1,842

*Abolished for new teachers appointed post 1 February 2012


Taken from Appendix 2 of Circular 0053/2014

Revised allowance rates for post-1 February 2012 entrants to teaching:

Long Service Allowance for Teachers who have been on max. point of the common basic scale for at least 10 years €2,324
Secure Unit Allowance/Disturbed Adoescent Allowance €2,195
Visiting Teaching Allowance €8,520

Last Updated: April 2017