Seminars Announced for DLPs and Deputy DLPs on New Model of Inspection

The Department of Education and Skills Inspectorate has advised that it is hosting the following list of seminars for Designated Liaison Person (DLP) and Deputy Designated Liaison Persons in January 2019. The main purpose of the seminars will be to outline the role of the Inspectorate in child protection oversight and particularly with regard to the proposed new model of inspection titled ‘Child Protection and Safeguarding Inspection’ (CPSI), to be rolled out from January/February 2019.

At the time of writing, the INTO is in ongoing dialogue with the Inspectorate in relation to the CPSI model of inspection and in particular will be working with the DES Inspectorate to provide clarity for schools in relation to the requirements of the CPSI.

INTO is working with the DES and management to provide further templates and advice to further assist schools in this regard.

Further information will follow.

Please note that all arrangements and booking for these seminars to be made through the education centres directly and not via INTO.


Education Centres Booking January 2018

Athlone Education Centre, Monday 21st January, 090 6420400
Blackrock Education Centre, Tuesday 22nd January, 01 2365000
Cork Education Centre, Tuesday 22nd January, 021 4255600
Galway Education Centre, Wednesday 23rd January, 091 745600
Navan Education Centre, Monday 28th January, 046 9067040
Limerick Education Centre, Tuesday 29th January, 061 585060
Donegal Education Centre, Wednesday 30th January, 074 9723487
Waterford Education Centre, Monday 4th February, 051 311 000