OLCS Christmas deadlines for sub pay

Deadlines for inputting substitute payment claims on the OLCS and the relevant payment dates over the Christmas period are below. Schools must record claims on the OLCS by the relevant dates to ensure the payment of subs over the Christmas period.

Pay date Claim dates from Claim dates to Latest date for recording and approving claims on OLCS
12-Dec-19 18-Nov-19 22-Nov-19 29-Nov-19
12-Dec-19 25-Nov-19 29-Nov-19 29-Nov-19
26-Dec-19 02-Dec-19 06-Dec-19 06-Dec-19
09-Jan-20 09-Dec-19 13-Dec-19 13-Dec-19
23-Jan-20 16-Dec-19 20-Dec-19 10-Jan-20
23-Jan-20 06-Jan-20 10-Jan-20 10-Jan-20