PRESS RELEASE: Pay and Workload Offer Made to Teachers at Last!

INTO members will now finally have the opportunity, following two years of negotiation, to consider and give their verdict on the offer made today to the NITC by the Management Side.


INTO will be posting explanatory information on the offer on our website and social media platforms to help inform our members’ thinking.


There remains more work to be done, with a pay offer for 2019-20 to be resolved in the coming months. Today’s offer is the first step in the process of restoring our members’ pay to the level it should be at after a decade of austerity and pay restraint.


Another key element of the offer is the focus on workload and the inclusion of a range of measures to be enacted to bring about real change now for the benefit of our members. The changes included in this offer represent the first in a series and will lead to further changes in the time ahead. In the meantime, the transition arrangements will protect members while change is made in this area.