INTO publish COVID-19 FAQs for school leaders

It is acknowledged that principal teachers, in-school leadership and management teams in primary schools have worked hard under very difficult circumstances to establish systems in schools to ensure continuity of learning for their pupils since the school closures on 12 March. School leaders have also played a key role in ensuring effective communication within the school community. In many cases, school leaders have attempted to provide reassurance and support to parents, pupils and staff who are anxious and overwhelmed by the current situation. In addition school leaders have been promoting collegiality and cooperation between their staff, who are doing their work in supporting pupil learning in a dramatically changed circumstances. Another significant element of the work of principal teachers has been continuing with the administration of schools, in circumstances where they are unable to access school buildings and where their administrative support is not to hand.

Leading a school in these circumstances is a challenging task, and principals continue to require ongoing support in carrying out their work. INTO has gathered together Frequently Asked Questions to assist them. Individual queries can also be dealt with by the INTO Query team, who can be contacted at

The below responses are updated based on information available to INTO on 20 April. Members should bear in mind that this is a fast-changing situation. We will update these FAQs as further information becomes available. INTO will endeavour to keep members updated in real time as the situation develops. Click on the image below to read the FAQs.