Outcome of INTO On-line Poll

Colleagues, the following is the outcome of the INTO on-line poll:

Turnout was 74%

Those in favour of accepting the offer:  67%

Those against accepting the offer:  33%

The CEC and Northern Committee have both now considered the result and I will be contacting Management Side today to inform them that INTO will be accepting the offer.  The next steps are a meeting between the NITC and Management Side on Tuesday 28th of April 2020 to have the offer ratified by the Teachers’ Negotiation Committee. INTO will then be pressing, along with our NITC colleagues, for the deal to be implemented and seeking a date to begin negotiations for the 2019/20 pay uplift.

The Northern Committee wishes to thank the members for their engagement and participation in the online process. The very large result in favour demonstrates the membership have a high degree of confidence in the Committee’s strategy for delivering pay and workload improvements. INTO will build on this and continue to deliver for the membership.