Enhanced substitution cover secured to support school reopening

INTO has emphasised for many months that the sustainability of plans for the safe reopening of primary and special schools will depend on classes not being split when teachers are absent. INTO welcomes confirmation that approved teacher absences which were not covered by substitute teachers immediately before the pandemic will be covered in the next school year.

INTO General Secretary John Boyle said:

INTO has campaigned vigorously for a coordinated, consistent and dependable system for covering teacher absences nationwide. INTO welcomes the confirmation by the Department of Education that the pilot scheme on substitute supply panels will be expanded to provide a network of supply panels serving nearly two thousand primary and special schools in up to 90 extra areas of the country. Schools being served by this scheme will be notified in the coming days.”

The scheme will greatly benefit our system as pupils, parents, teachers and school principals can now look forward with more certainty to having fully qualified teachers working in schools every day.

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