Over 100 supply panels recruiting teachers

The INTO has continued to work closely with the Department of Education to ensure that the network of supply panels nationwide will be fit for purpose. It will be crucial for schools to have ready access to fully qualified primary teachers to cover approved teacher absences this year.

Following publication of the roadmap for the full reopening of primary and special schools an additional 50 locations have been identified in the last five weeks. This brings the total number of supply panels to 108.

Base schools have been confirmed and are now in the process of recruiting fixed-term teachers to service receiving schools in their localities.

Minister Foley confirmed this week that the scheme will be kept under review and refined as necessary. INTO has organised two webinars for principals of base schools. We will contact all 108 principals at the end of September to assess the effectiveness of the panels in the first month of the school year.

INTO President Mary Magner and General Secretary John Boyle appeared before the Oireachtas Special Committee on Covid-19 response earlier this week. In that hearing, INTO discussed the panel and outstanding challenges. The full text of the INTO opening statement is available here.

Special Committee on Covid-19 response (Wed 2 Sept 2020)