Staffing and Redeployment Panel Update

The Department of Education has issued updates on staffing and redeployment panels. The updates are as follows:

Main Panel

The main panels are currently clear in all areas.

Supplementary Panel

The supplementary panel is now in operation for all the panel operators in all areas. The progress on redeployment of those teachers on the supplementary panels will continue through the department liaising with the relevant panel operators. Schools should keep in contact with panel operators for an update on these arrangements and progression to the next stage of recruitment.  A summary of the list of the number of teachers placed on each supplementary panel is available to view.

The department has also published a Supplementary Panel FAQ.

Teachers on the panel should ensure that they complete a Supplementary Panel Update Form (PUF) and return it to the Primary Allocations Section of the department when they have secured a permanent or fixed-term post or if they wish to remove their name from the panel.

The INTO has created a short informational animation about the supplementary panel below. This video explains the appointment process and accepting a job offer from the supplementary panel.

Fixed-term posts

The department has advised that schools that have complied with the redeployment arrangements and have notified all vacancies to their relevant panel operators may now also proceed to fill their fixed-term posts in accordance with the arrangements set out in the Circular 0023/2015.

Please note that all other schools within the above areas that do not have access to a panel may also proceed to fill their permanent and fixed-term posts provided they have already notified their vacancies to the department in accordance with the arrangements set out in Circular 0019/2021.