Spectrum.Life Digital Wellbeing Series and Digital Gym

Earlier this year, Spectrum.Life, the current employee assistance service launched a Digital Wellbeing Series and Digital Gym open to INTO members.

The series will be streamed through the Wellbeing Together Online Portal (desktop version). Spectrum.Life’s Digital Wellbeing 4K HD Studio is equipped with the leading live streaming technology to deliver a best-in-class experience for the school community.

This month, the Digital Wellbeing Series focuses on parenting, hosted by experts in Nutrition, Engagement & Neurodiversity, Routines and Behaviours, and The Modern Family to help set you up for back to school in September. This month’s host is Emer O’Neill, PE teacher from the Home School Hub who will help to bring educational conversations to the Wellbeing Series each week.

Note, the next webinars in the series take place on the 18 and 25 August.

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In Digital Gym news (see poster attached) Spectrum.Life have launched an 8 week training plan. The HIIT 8 week training programme has been designed by experts and is structured to help you get the most out of your sessions. Check out this training plan – click here to get started.

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The next Principal and Deputy Principal Mental Health Seminar takes place on the 25 August and focuses on the theme of resilience, followed by a webinar on the 7 Sept on conflict resolution and promoting communication on 29 September.

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Remember to register on the Wellbeing Together Online portal, click the below link. 


Members can access/register for the Spectrum.Life wellbeing portal as follows: