Common sense prevails on Summer CPD for teachers

Following a robust intervention by the INTO and other summer course providers, the Department of Education has agreed to a number of adjustments to the plans for the 2023 summer course programme. The previous update on these courses took place without prior consultation with this union.

Asynchronous aspect of courses

The Department of Education has confirmed that the asynchronous model will remain an option for summer 2023.

Pilot scheme for synchronous aspect

The Department of Education intends to establish a pilot of summer courses with a synchronous component in 2023. The Teacher Education Section, in collaboration with the Inspectorate, will gather and review findings from the synchronous pilot and the findings from this pilot will inform future developments in this area.

National priorities

No changes are proposed to national priorities as outlined in the 2023 handbook.

INTO summer courses

Now that the guidance for this summer’s courses is clear, the INTO Learning Team will forge ahead with planning for the union’s very popular summer programme of continuous professional development which is expected to be launched around Easter.