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School Representatives

The appointment of School Representatives is provided for in the INTO Rules and Constitution:

"Each Branch may appoint Staff Representatives whose duty shall be to represent the staffs of their schools in all matters relating to their professional interests. Should it not be possible to resolve any problem within the school, Staff Representatives shall make contact with the Branch Officers or CEC Representative". (Rule 92)

The CEC has issued the following guidelines for the appointment of school representatives:-

(i) INTO Branches should make arrangements for the election, by INTO members, of School Representatives on the basis of one representative for each school in the Branch area.

(ii) the election of School Representatives should take place in September and School Representatives should hold office for 3 years;

(iii) the name of the person selected in each school should be submitted to the Branch for appointment.

Branch Secretaries should forward to Head Office, as soon as possible after appointment, the names, teacher numbers and school roll numbers of all Branch School Representatives. This information is required to facilitate the inclusion of the School Representative?s name on communications to the school from Head Office.

A special form has been designed for this purpose which is issued to Branch Secretaries annually.

Accreditation cards are issued from Head Office to the Branch Secretary for distribution to School Representatives.

The Branch Secretary should notify boards of management of the names of the School Representatives appointed in the Branch area.

The CEC recommends that the duties of an INTO School Representative should be as follows:

(a) recruitment of members of the staff to the INTO;

(b) dissemination of Organization information received from the local Branch, or from the District Committee, or from the Central Executive Committee;

(c) maintaining close links with the local INTO Branch and with members in the school/or schools;

(d) calling meetings of members for whom the School Representative is responsible, as and when necessary;

(e) handling the initial stages of individual grievances of members;

(f) representing the collective interests of members in consultation or negotiation with the school authorities;

(g) ensuring the implementation of all agreements to which the INTO and the school authorities are parties.

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