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Principal Teachers

  • As a school Principal I am concerned that the assessment data I submit will be used as an accountability mechanism for my school
    DE will only receive anonymised assessment data from CCEA. They have committed in writing to not using assessment data in isolation. INTO would be very concerned if any school was ‘measured’ by End of Key Stage assessment results as that would be a breach of the agreement that we have negotiated.
  • As a Principal, can INTO represent me in a dispute with an INTO member of staff?
    Disputes between INTO members of staff do occur. Both parties can have access to INTO advice and representation, where appropriate. This can be provided by different individual Northern Committee Members/Senior Officials. There are times when it is not appropriate for any teacher union to represent a principal, i.e. when they are acting in their management capacity and are being advised by their BoG/Employing Authority.
  • I have been an INTO member as a classroom teacher. Can INTO still meet my needs as a school principal?
    INTO have members from all sectors and at all levels. We actively recruit principals and members of senior management teams to help promote positive industrial relations and to ensure fair terms and conditions for all teachers. We recognize some of the unique pressures and challenges that face many of our school leaders and we are establishing Principals and Vice Principals Fora following our successful Leadership conferences. Principals have representation throughout the organisation including on the Northern Committee and on the National Principal and Deputy Principals Committee. INTO is proud that we can provide quality advice, support and representation to all members including Principals and Vice Principals and can deliver a professional service that meets their needs.
  • How can INTO represent my interests as a Principal if my staff are also in INTO?

    INTO is the only union in primary schools in the south of Ireland and represents the interests of teachers in all posts, in the North  does the same in  a large number of schools across all sectors. It is because we have a wide range of members, holding the full range of posts, we are able to represent all teachers on a daily basis, engaging with DE, Employing authorities or with Boards of Governors.

    If a specific issue arises between two members of staff who are both members of INTO, it does not matter what post of responsibility they hold. INTO will appoint two separate officials to advise the members. Each official will work to promote the best interests of the member they are representing.