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About Us

About the INTO

  • The INTO is the largest teachers’ union in Ireland representing over 38000 members.  In Northern Ireland INTO represents over 7000 teacher and student members across all education sectors.
  • The INTO is the oldest and therefore the most experienced teachers’ union. We have been working for teachers since 1868.
  • The INTO is both a professional organisation and a trade union – we combine traditional trade union values with those of a professional organisation.
  • The INTO only recruits qualified teachers and those studying towards a teaching qualification.  We believe that it is necessary for children to be educated by fully qualified teachers to ensure a good education for all.
  • The INTO offers excellent legal protection and the best representation throughout your teaching career.  Based on the latest official figures for cases taken on behalf of teachers by all 5 teacher unions in Northern Ireland INTO is the number one union for representation and results.
  • We are completely independent, and are not affiliated to any political parties.
  • We are a fully democratic union – every individual member can determine INTO policy.
  • We work to improve pay, pensions, and other employee issues whilst also campaigning for improved conditions for all teachers. 
  • We campaign on issues directly affecting you as a beginning teacher such as workload, the employment of retired teachers and are actively campaigning for a guaranteed teaching year for all Newly Qualified Teachers.
  • INTO understands that support for your Students’ Union is vital if your union is to be able to support you.  INTO provides financial support through sponsorship in many different areas.
  • The real benefit of being a member of a union is bargaining power – when we all stand together we are stronger and can ensure you are well protected from discrimination, harassment and more in the workplace.


As a Newly Qualified Teacher your first year of full INTO membership is also COMPLETELY FREE!