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Industrial Action Campaign

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May 2018: Update Briefing For Members

Negotiations are ongoing between the Northern Ireland Teachers’ Council [NITC] which INTO is a key member of, the management bodies and the Department of Education.  While some progress has been made regarding issues around workload a number of significant issues central to the current dispute remain unresolved.

INTO is aware of rumours circulating that point to an imminent resolution of the ongoing dispute. These rumours are without foundation and INTO cautions against such speculation.  Our current industrial action which is solidly supported by the membership remains in place and unchanged.

INTO, on your behalf, continues to work towards a settlement that is acceptable to you the members and which addresses the issues of pay and workload in a meaningful way.

Members will continue to be informed by INTO of any developments impacting on the industrial action or regarding a possible future settlement if and when circumstances change.



The NITC of which the INTO is a constituent part, is negotiating with the Management Bodies and DENI with a view to arriving at an agreed resolution to the long running industrial relations dispute in the education sector.  These negotiations are at an early stage and are focused on pay and workload. The INTO, Northern Committee, is determined to bring about a resolution that will see teachers’ concerns on pay and workload addressed in a manner acceptable to INTO members.  The participants to the negotiations are bound by confidentiality whilst the negotiations remain live.  INTO will be fully briefing members as soon as it is practical to do so meanwhile all the industrial action remains in place.



Dorothy McGinley, INTO Chairperson and Gerry Murphy, Northern Secretary have written to all INTO members to provide an update in regards to our ongoing industrial disputes with the employing authorities and the Department of Education.

A copy of their correspondence can be downloaded below:

Letter to INTO Members (pdf, 564 kb)
October 2017: Industrial Action Update
Letter to INTO Members (pdf, 130 kb)
October 2017: Industrial Action Update: Irish Version

September 2017: Industrial Action Update

INTO congratulates our members on their stalwart support for the continuing action against the ongoing attacks on the education system arising from the savage cuts to the education sector.

INTO members continue to to be on industrial action in relation to three areas:


For the latest on these three areas of action please download our latest bulletins below:

2017-18: Bulletin 1 (pdf, 439 kb)
Industrial Action: Workload
2017-18: Bulletin 1 (pdf, 424 kb)
Industrial Action: Workload: Irish Version
2017-18: Bulletin 1: Acompanying Leaflet (pdf, 937 kb)
Action Short of Strike Update: Effective 24 October 2016
2017-18: Bulletin 2 (pdf, 422 kb)
Industrial Action: Pay & Conditions
2017-18: Bulletin 2 (pdf, 399 kb)
Industrial Action: Pay & Conditions: Irish Version
2017-18: Bulletin 3 (pdf, 431 kb)
Industrial Action: Assessment
2017-18: Bulletin 3 (pdf, 417 kb)
Industrial Action: Assessment: Irish Version

March 2017: Second Day of Action Deferred

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Following the sad passing of Martin McGuiness, former Education Minister, INTO has, as a mark of respect and in recognition of his contribution to Education, decided to defer the half day strike and accompanying protest at Parliament Buildings planned for Thursday 23rd March 2017.

Martin McGuiness was the first education minister of the devolved era and he made a hugely positive impact on the entire education sector.

His service as Education Minister was characterised by an intelligence and warmth that was accompanied by real investments in both the schools estate and the educational workforce. Martin attended a number of INTO Congresses and Northern Conferences. His contributions to these gatherings were insightful, at times challenging, and always warmly received.

The Employing Authorities have been notified of this deferral today and notice of future INTO actions will be communicated to both our members and the employers through the appropriate channels.

INTO is mindful of the inconvenience caused by the late notice of this deferral and is grateful for your understanding in this matter.

INTO remains in dispute on the issue of pay with the employing authorities and we hope that a resolution may be found before INTO is forced to announce another half day strike.

Second Day of Action Announced

A second day of action was announced at this year's Northern Conference in Newcastle.

INTO will hold a second half-day strike on Thursday 23 March.

This half day strike will begin at 12.30pm and end at 8.00pm.

CLICK HERE for details of branch-organised bus transportation to the rally.

For further information please download letter and INTO Bulletin issued to School Representatives below:

Strike Action: Thursday 23 March 2017 (pdf, 123 kb)
Letter to School Representatives: 8 March 2017
2017: Bulletin 3: Strike Action: Thursday 23 March 2017 (pdf, 169 kb)
INTO members will take strike action on Thursday 23 March 2017.
Strike Action: Thursday 23 March 2017 (doc, 22 kb)
Sample Letter to Parents

INTO Strike Action: Wednesday 18 January 2017

18 Jan 2017 QUB1

INTO members across Northern Ireland took part in a planned half day of strike action on Wednesday 18 January, picketing at school gates and gathering for a major rally held in Belfast.

To view further photographs please click on the link below:

Strike Action: Wednesday 18 January 2017 (pdf, 2,586 kb)
Members' Photographs
Strike Action: Wednesday 18 January 2017 (pdf, 75 kb)
Speech to Rally by INTO Chairperson, Seamus Hanna
Press Release: Teachers' Strike Wednesday 18 January 2017 (pdf, 120 kb)
Teachers' Strike to go Ahead With Major Rally at Belfast's QUB Student's Union
2017: Bulletin 1: Strike Action: Wednesday 18 January 2017 (pdf, 175 kb)
INTO members will take strike action on Wednesday 18th January 2017.
2017: Bulletin 1: Strike Action: Irish Translation (pdf, 175 kb)
Stailc Dé Céadaoin 18 Eanáir 2017
Strike Action: Wednesday 18 January 2017 (doc, 22 kb)
Sample Letter to Parents
Strike Action on Wednesday 18 January 2017 (pdf, 125 kb)
Information for Teachers and Principals
INTO Directive: Withdrawal from Co-operation from ETI: Advice to Members (pdf, 91 kb)
INTO members are directed from 6 January 2017 until further notice, to withdraw co-operation from the Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI).
Bulletin 6: INTO Members Vote For Strike (pdf, 194 kb)
Resounding Mandate Delivered
23 December 2016: INTO Press Release - Teachers to Strike in The New Year (pdf, 122 kb)
INTO teachers will be striking in the New Year as results of ballot are announced
Bulletin 5: Strike Ballot Information (pdf, 179 kb)
Voting Instructions For All Members
30 November 2016: INTO Press Release - Teachers to be Balloted for Strike Action (pdf, 128 kb)
7,000 teachers are being balloted for strike action as fair pay rise talks fail
28 November 2016: Letter to Members (pdf, 162 kb)
INTO is strongly recommends that you vote ‘YES’ to both questions on the ballot you will receive shortly

School Gate Picket Success

Click on the links below to view video coverage of the ATL, INTO, NAHT and UTU school gate protests on Tuesday 8 November 2016:

BBC Newsline Coverage

Belfast Telegraph Coverage


INTO members from Holy Cross College, Strabane protesting on Tuesday 8 November 2016:

8Nov2016 Holy Cross College Strabane


To view further photographs please click on the link below:                                                                                   

School Gate Picket Success (pdf, 1,386 kb)
Members' Photographs
School Gate Picket Success (pdf, 114 kb)
A letter from the Northern Secretary
8 November 2016: INTO Press Release - School Gate Protests (pdf, 123 kb)
Hundreds of Teachers to Picket at School Gates
8 November 2016: School Gate Protests (pdf, 144 kb)
List of Schools Picketing: By County
8 November 2016: School Gate Protests (pdf, 164 kb)
Flyers for Distribution
October 2016: Letter to Members (pdf, 115 kb)
Joint Union Action (ATL, INTO, NAHT, UTU) on Tuesday 8 November 2016
Industrial Action: Bulletin 6 (pdf, 101 kb)
Industrial Action Short of Strike: Important Update: From 24 October 2016
Industrial Action: Bulletin 6: Irish Translation (pdf, 102 kb)
Industrial Action: Bulletin 6 (pdf, 937 kb)
Accompanying Information Leaflet
Bulletin 2 (pdf, 176 kb)
Ongoing Boycott of New Assessment Arrangements (From January 2016)
Bulletin 2: Irish Translation (pdf, 176 kb)

Socruithe faoi Mheasúnú

Oct 2016: E-Bulletin to Members (pdf, 109 kb)
Meetings Held Outside Normal Contact Time
Oct 2016: Letter to Members (pdf, 147 kb)
Pay Talks Collapse: Extension of Ongoing Action Short Of Strike
Industrial Action: Bulletin 5 (pdf, 98 kb)
Preparation for Unregulated Tests
Industrial Action: Bulletin 5: Irish Translation (pdf, 98 kb)
Ullmhúchán do Scrúduithe Neamhrialaithe
Industrial Action: Bulletin 4 (pdf, 100 kb)
Action Short of Strike: Update Sept 2016
Industrial Action Bulletin 4: Irish Translation (pdf, 101 kb)

Tá baill CMÉ le leanstan le gníomh nach Gníomh Stailce é.

Industrial Action: Bulletin 3 (pdf, 107 kb)
Escalation of Action Short of Strike: November 2015
Industrial Action: Bulletin 3: Irish (pdf, 150 kb)
Industrial Action: Bulletin 2 (pdf, 157 kb)
Action short of Strike: Update September 2015
Sept 2015: INTO and the Year Ahead (English Version) (pdf, 1,268 kb)
Industrial Action Campaign: Latest
Sept 2015: INTO and the Year Ahead (Irish Version) (pdf, 1,275 kb)
Industrial Action Campaign: Latest
Industrial Action: Bulletin 1 (pdf, 263 kb)
Action Short of Strike: Advice to Members
Industrial Action: Bulletin 1 (pdf, 930 kb)
Action Short of Strike: Accompanying Advice Leaflet