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Press Releases 2015

Teacher Union Meets to Debate Funding Crisis

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The annual Northern Conference of the Irish National Teachers` Organisation (INTO) will be held on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th February 2015, in the Radisson Roe Hotel, Limavady.  It is expected that around 200 delegates from all educational sectors will attend the conference. The conference will debate a number of significant issues including educational funding, teacher workload, assessment, bullying and special needs provision.

 Mr Gerry Murphy, Northern Secretary of the INTO said,

“The theme of this year’s conference is “The value of education?”. We have carefully chosen this, because INTO is concerned that unless society begins to recognise the importance of education to children and the wider economy, we will descend into a system where cost dictates how well our children can afford to be educated. For INTO, as the largest teaching union in Ireland, this is not an acceptable position.” 

Mr Murphy continued, 

“This conference comes at a pivotal time. Currently, INTO has commenced a ballot of our members because we feel that the cuts agenda of the NI Executive is damaging our children’s future. Our members have grown increasingly angry and the outcome of this ballot next week will determine how we now move forward to support our membership and challenge those in government who continually tell us that, ‘it is costing too much and we can no longer afford it.’”

Mr Murphy concluded,


“This conference will also give an opportunity to the Minister and those who manage education to hear at first hand the anger and distress of professional teachers. It is their opportunity to reflect on whether their path is the right one.  Our members will listen eagerly, and they will expect to hear that the value of their professionalism will now be recognised and that the incessant cuts agenda will end.”