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Press Releases 2015

Executive Focused on Cost – Not Value

Friday, 27 February 2015

The Northern Secretary of the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation (INTO), Mr Gerry Murphy hit out at the cost driven agenda of the NI Executive and the Department of Education. Speaking at the annual Northern Conference of the Organisation, in the Radisson Roe Hotel, Limavady, Mr Murphy told the assembled delegates that time was up for the cost driven agenda of the Executive.

Mr Murphy said,

“Every pronouncement from the Executive focus almost entirely on the cost of services. Yet they seem totally indifferent as to the value education generates for the economy and society. Teachers in the face of this indifference remain committed to the children, confident they can make a difference and overall are optimistic for the future.”

Mr Murphy continued,

“Too frequently teachers are being distracted from their professional role. They are told there are cuts to be made, then money is found, then our schools will have to make cuts again and we fear for our livelihoods and what will happen to the children who we teach. Are the children getting what they deserve or are they getting what some accountant decides the Department can afford?”

Mr Murphy concluded,

“This agenda must change. The theme for this conference is the ‘Value of Education?’  The Minister and his colleagues must demonstrate that they are prepared to break the mould and begin to invest in education. We must see real investment in the future, in teaching jobs and resources; and this investment must be immediate and not put off while the education sector is further cut beyond recognition. INTO, today, will expect to hear, that the Minister is prepared to work with us, to develop a new education strategy and that his Department has now decided that investment and not cuts is the way forward for education.”