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Press Releases 2015

Bullying Of Teachers Remains Significant Problem

Friday, 27 February 2015

Mr Tommy McGlone, Official, of the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation (INTO), told the annual Northern Conference of the Organisation, in the Radisson Roe Hotel, Limavady, that bullying remained a serious issue for teachers. Mr McGlone was speaking in a debate over the DE proposals to reform bullying policies for schools.

Mr McGlone said,

“INTO continues to deal with bullying and potential bullying complaints on a too regular basis. Despite having an agreed procedure in place, INTO remains concerned that a lack of training for teachers on respecting their dignity at work and shortcomings in the current investigation process, contribute to scenarios that allows bullying situations to develop with unnecessary frequency.”

Mr McGlone continued,

“The Department of Education has recently announced a consultation on the bullying of pupils. This consultation sets out a proposed definition for bullying, gives definition to the roles of individuals and seeks to clarify policies and seeks to provide a uniform approach across the sector. It is most disappointing in the consultation that only one paragraph is devoted to the bullying of teachers by pupils.”

Mr McGlone concluded,

“INTO therefore is today calling on the Department of Education to reflect on the outcome of the current consultation. We demand that uniformity extends to teachers and that the changes made to the system for investigation and resolution of complaints of pupil bullying are reflected in the process for teachers. INTO cannot countenance a situation where the dignity of both pupils and teachers are not treated with the same degree of respect. “