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Press Releases 2015

Proposed Pay Award Derisory

Friday, 27 February 2015

Ms Annmarie Conway, Chairperson of the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation (INTO), told the annual Northern Conference of the Organisation, in the Radisson Roe Hotel, Limavady, that a proposed pay award of up to 1% was insulting for teachers. Ms Conway was speaking to over 200 delegates at the opening of the conference.

Ms Conway told delegates,

“Teachers have had enough. Year on year we have faced cut after cut, pay freezes and pension rises. We have seen our workload go through the roof and everyone in the education community demands and expects that we will do more and never grumble. Today there is an offer of up to 1% is on the table but only if we can show that we are performing!”

Ms Conway continued,

“Who do these people think they are? They question whether we are performing and meeting the professional standards of a teacher and if we can successfully demonstrate that, presumably by more work, they may choose this year to reward us with up to £350 a year. Will we continue to get this raise every year – NO! Why? Because we must again be reassessed because our right to annual increment will be removed.”

Ms Conway concluded,

“Teachers know their worth, they know how hard they work and it is not an unreasonable demand that they be rewarded for their contribution. Shortly, the outcome of the INTO ballot for industrial action will be known. There is an opportunity before that result is announced for the Minister to intervene and instruct a pay award be made. Otherwise, INTO will send a message to those “bean counters” that teachers are prepared to stand up and be counted for a decent wage and terms and conditions of employment. INTO will be proud to lead those teachers in this challenge!”