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Press Releases 2016

NITC Press Release: Pay Award to Teachers - An Insult - Union Claims

Friday, 26 February 2016

The Northern Ireland Teachers Council [NITC], the umbrella group of the five teaching unions in Northern Ireland, hit out today at a proposed pay award for teachers.

Mr. Gerry Murphy, Northern Secretary, INTO and salary spokesperson for the NITC said,

“This pay offer to teachers is an insult to the profession who daily take on the responsibility of educating our future generations. These individuals who have seen their workloads increase and support services cut from under them deserve a pay increase that reflects their efforts and contribution to society.

Mr. Murphy continued,

"At a meeting today an offer of 1% was made subject to teachers giving up their right to automatic incremental progression. This is the last straw for the NITC in what has been a prolonged and difficult negotiation. NITC brought forward proposals in July 2015, negotiations did not commence until December 2015 and then each proposal was rejected by the Employers, not on its merits but on the issue of cost alone. What teachers are now being offered is 1% with strings attached. Teachers are being offered between £230 per year (£20 per month) for newly qualified teachers and £370 per year (£30 per month) for a teacher after 12 years’ experience and in return they must say goodbye to their contractual right to automatic movement on the pay scale.”

Mr. Murphy concluded,

"Others will dress this pay offer up as an offer of 2.13%. The reality however for every serving teacher in school today is that when you take into account factors such as increased national insurance and pension costs, the proposed uplift won't even cover these additional costs. In real terms this is a pay cut.  This pay offer is derisory for the NITC the Rubicon has been crossed. Teachers now know exactly what those who manage the education system believe should be their reward for educating our children. This issue will no doubt feature prominently at the forthcoming teacher union conferences.”