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Pre-School Education

The DE consultation on the Review of Pre-school Education closed on 15 October 2004. The INTO Response is available here to download and adapt for your school's, Board of Governors' and parents' responses.

The proposals include recomendations from the DE:

  • That the DE take powers to prevent a school offering reception places;
  • That every nursery class in a nursery school does not have to have a qualified teacher;
  • That there is no educational justification for full-time education in nursery schools and units – that full-time is no better than part-time in educational terms;
  • To implement the slightly worse provision of education for pre-school pupils rather than the slightly better provision;
DE Review of Pre-School Education (pdf, 65 kb)
Question Booklet: September 2004
DE Consultation on the Review of Pre-School Education in NI (pdf, 38 kb)
INTO Response: September 2004