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Other resources

Other Resources

Staff Powerpoint Presentation about G.C.S.

An informative PowerPoint which any teacher can present at their own staff-meeting. Click here.


Short Videos for Pupils to Watch

Why CHARITY is Not a Great Idea

“Stop Poverty”

Mr. Bean/World's Largest Lesson/Global Goals

The Global Goals Lesson Introduced by Malala Yousafzai

1st Class Pupils and The Global Goals

Slum Video - New Quay NS 2016

A Sample Human Rights Lesson from D.15


Useful Websites

Global Goals

Ubuntu Resources

Teacher education for sustainable development lessons with excellent ideas.

A great up-to-date resource bank for development education.

Irish Aid Awards

Look up Irish Aids website for great competition & lesson ideas



Global Citizenship School Signage Poster

Global Goals for Sustainable Development Poster


Books & Packs

Our World Our Future

For 5th and 6th class Geography, on the theme of development

Fair-trade Bananas and Coca Beans

Introduces pupils to the idea of fair trade and farmers getting a fair price.

UNICEF Ireland's Global Goals Workshop

4-8 year old