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Conference on Educational Disadvantage 2015

The INTO, in conjunction with the Educational Disadvantage Centre in St Patrick’s College, held a one-day conference on Educational Disadvantage on Saturday 5 December in St Patrick’s College Drumcondra.The theme of the conference was Poverty and Social Inclusion in Education and was an opportunity for teachers to contribute to the forthcoming DEIS review by sharing views and opinions through keynote presentations, workshops and discussion groups.


Conference Booklet (pdf, 342 kb)
Conference on Educational Disadvantage 2015
INTO Submission (pdf, 700 kb)
DEIS Consultation May 2015
Challenges for Early Career Teachers in DEIS Schools (pdf, 182 kb)
Gareth Burns
Social exclusion and child protection (pdf, 130 kb)
Carol Coulter
The Primary School Experience (pdf, 1,242 kb)
Pat Courtney
FamiliBase Presentation (pdf, 538 kb)
Fiona Kearney
A community based approach to addressing educational disadvantage (pdf, 1,711 kb)
Josephine Bleach
National Behaviour Support Service (pdf, 3,008 kb)
Mary Keane
Ethnic Minorities and Travellers (pdf, 888 kb)
Hilary Harmon
Embedding evidence based approaches into mainstream systems to improve child outcomes (pdf, 1,575 kb)
Noel Kelly, Northside Partnership

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