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Equal Pay Rally 27/10/16

Teachers demand equal pay for equal work at Dáil rally

Thursday, 27 October 2016

INTO/TUI statement – 27th October 2016

Teachers demand equal pay for equal work at Dáil rally

Speaking at a rally outside the Dáil today, representatives of the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation (INTO) and Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) demanded an end to pay inequality as a matter of urgency, describing it as ‘wrong and unconscionable.’

Representatives said that while recent progress made is very significant, more remains to be done and their campaign will continue until full pay parity has been achieved.

Last month, a breakthrough was reached that will incorporate the Primary Degree allowance (€4,918) into the scale of new and recent entrants to the profession.

Comments from INTO General Secretary Sheila Nunan:
‘Separate pay scales for teachers hired since 2011 are discriminatory, inequitable and unreasonable. There must be faster pay restoration for public servants under the Lansdowne Road Agreement. There is no economic argument for continuing pay inequality between newer recruits and more experienced teachers.

Government must signal an end to its campaign of austerity and provide a roadmap to full pay restoration. Separate salary scales for teachers doing the same work are wrong. Discriminatory pay scales are eroding teacher morale, sapping good will and breeding resentment. It is blatantly unfair and inequitable to pay workers differently for doing the same work.

Teacher unions have made a start saying some of the new entrant cut was reversed under the Haddington Road Agreement. Under LRA the INTO and the TUI have made significant progress towards full pay restoration. We told government we’re coming back again because the next phase of the campaign is to equalise pay for all teachers. We have made a start but we’re not there yet.

Comments from TUI President Joanne Irwin:
‘Continuation of the discrimination against those teachers appointed since 2011 is wrong and unconscionable. We have already made very important progress in securing the incorporation of the primary degree allowance into a revised pay scale for those appointed on or after 1st February 2012.

The next immediate step now required is full equalisation of pay between teachers recruited in 2011 and those recruited on or after 1st  Feb 2012.  This requires restoration of the HDip allowance and the TUI has already brought this issue to the appropriate forum – the Teachers’ Conciliation Council. In this regard, we have a compelling case. Our campaign then focuses on achieving full pay equalisation for those appointed after 1st January 2011.

Regarding the Public Service Pay Commission, the unambiguous requirement, understanding and expectation of the TUI is that it will, in the first instance, as a matter of urgency address the inequity of the differential pay rates that apply to those who entered the public service on or after 1 January 2011.  Their work is as valuable as that of their colleagues who entered before that date and it must be valued equally in pay terms.’