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TIMSS 2015 Report 29/11/2016

TIMSS 2015 Report

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Press Release  Sheila Nunan, General Secretary,  Irish National Teachers’ Organisation

TIMSS 2015 Report

Good outcomes in primary school mathematics and science

Irish pupils scored above average in international numeracy and science tests carried out in nearly fifty countries. Overall Irish pupils performed at a high level in mathematics and improved on 2012 scores.

Irish fourth class students ranked 9th out of 49 countries in maths (up from 17th out of 50 countries in 2011)
Irish fourth class students ranked 19th of 47 countries in science (up from 22nd out of 50 countries in 2011).

Fourth Class pupils in Ireland achieved significantly higher mean mathematics and science scores in 2015 than in 2011 (527 for mathematics and 516 for science) and 1995 (523 for mathematics and 515 for science).

The outcome is a good news story for Irish education, said INTO general secretary Sheila Nunan. “In particular, Irish teachers can be proud of efforts made to tackle educational disadvantage and improve levels of numeracy”.

Across all countries that participated in TIMSS in fourth class, average mathematics performance was similar for boys and girls (505 for both boys and girls), while girls outperformed boys in science (508 and 504, respectively).

Both boys and girls in fourth class have seen improvements in mathematics and science performance since 1995, with most of the gains in achievement occurring between 2011 and 2015.

Boys in Ireland saw an improvement of 20 points in their mean mathematics score since 2011, and, since 1995, an improvement of 28 points in total. Similarly, the mean mathematics scores of girls in Ireland improved by 19 points since 2011 and 20 points since 1995.

For science, there was an improvement of 16 points for boys since 2011 and 1995, while the mean science performance for girls improved by 11 points since 2011 and 14 points since 1995.