Congress Resolutions – Private Motions

Item 18: INTO Death Grants

Congress declares that death grants as provided for in Rule 110 B shall, in respect of deaths occurring on or after 8th April 2021, be increased and set at:

  1. €3,000 on the death of the spouse or civil partner of a member; and
  2. €5,000 on the death of an INTO member.

Item 19: INTO building project


a. notes

  1. the major building project to develop the INTO premises at Number 30 Parnell Square into modern office accommodation, and that completion of these works will be of major benefit to the assets of INTO;
  2. that there has been less demand on the resources of INTO branches and districts due to developments such as the lack of conferencing and not being required to book meeting venues during the period from Easter 2020 to Easter 2021 inclusive;
  3. that INTO branches and districts in Northern Ireland provided welcome resourcing to assist in the development of INTO offices in Belfast in recent years;
  4. that INTO provides subventions to branches experiencing financial difficulty; and

b. authorises the CEC

  1. under the terms of Rule 98 to withhold one quarterly payment in 2021 from branches in the Republic of Ireland and to devote those monies directly to the INTO Capital Fund towards the works at No. 30 Parnell Square and;
  2. to request district committees in the Republic of Ireland to donate the equivalent of one quarter’s transfer from central funds in 2021 towards this building project.