Northern Conference

What is Northern Conference?

Northern Conference is an Annual Regional Conference held in Northern Ireland.  Northern Conference sets the agenda for INTO in the north, and each year sets the work programme for the Northern Committee and the Officials of the union for the coming year.

When is the next Northern Conference?

Northern Conference 2023 took place on Friday 10 – Saturday 11 March 2023 in The Roe Park Resort, Limavady.

Who Attends Northern Conference?

  • Delegates nominated by INTO Branches in Districts 1 and 2;
  • Members of the Central Executive Committee and Benefits Fund Committee;
  • Members and incoming members of the Northern Committee;
  • Members of our National Committees.

What is on the Agenda?

Northern Conference debates motions and amendments/addenda submitted by branches and districts.  It also considers the Northern Committee’s Annual Report.  All public conference sessions are webcast live on the INTO website so that all members can follow the discussions taking place.

Please watch our short video on how to write a motion for Northern Conference HERE

Would you like to be a Delegate to Northern Conference?

Northern Conference is a delegate-only event with delegates being nominated to attend by their District or Branch. Find out more by attending your Branch AGM in January – the dates of meetings are published in the EVENTS section of our website.