Autumn Programme

Special Education Teacher Support Course

INTO Learning is offering new Special Education Teachers a short 2 module orientation online course Special Education Teacher Support Course. It focuses on understanding the special education system with regard to allocating support to pupils, testing, and the drawing up of support plans and a school support policy.

Module 1 will explore the Special Education Support system and how supports are allocated under it. It also explores how children learn, particularly the influence of pupils’ learning styles and their multiple intelligences.

Module 2 will explore the details of putting supports in place including using the NEPS Continuum of Support, the role of testing, drawing up support plans and reviewing your Special Education Policy.

This course will commence on Wednesday 18th September and will run up to mid-term with support from an e-tutor. 

A PDF of both modules will be made available for downloading and future reference.

This course will cost €30 with registration opening on Monday, 9th September on Moodle.

Please note that registration for this course will close on Friday 11th October.