NCSE Guidelines 2015/2016 Allocations

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NCSE Guidelines for Schools (Word)

NSCE Form 1 (Word)
Application for LITH Support and/or Access to SNA Support

NCSE Form 2 (Word)
Application Form for School Transport

NCSE Form 3 (Word)
Application Form for Assistive Technology

NCSE Form 4 (PDF)
School Summary of Care Needs Currently Supported

NCSE Form 5 (Word)
Confirmation of Leavers Form

NCSE Form 6 (Word)
Student Attendance Confirmation Form

NCSE Form 7 (Word)
Notification of Enrolment in Special School or Special Class

Application for part-time resource teaching posts (Word)
2015/16 school year

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
Part-time teaching posts to cover NCSE approved resource hours for the 2015/16 school year

INTO Guidance on Resource Hours Allocations (PDF)

BCN1 Form (Word)
To be completed by the school where the primary reason for the SNA application relates to behavioural care needs

NCSE Quick Reference Guide to Care Needs (Word)
Circular 0030/2014

Summary Guide for Schools to Assist in Making Application for LITH (Word)

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