2023 Summer Programme – Special Schools

This year introduces a new Special School Programme as a pilot initiative to ensure there is a real focus on supporting special schools. This programme has been designed and developed to ensure supports are targeted to enhance the availability of a school-based programme for pupils in special schools.

A Summer Programme National Coordinator will be appointed. This person will liaise with special schools, the Department and education centres to facilitate the organisation of programmes.

For the first time, where a child’s special school is not running a school based programme, a portal will be available. This will allow parents to register their child’s details so that if a place is available in another location, their participation in a programme may be organised.

A portal is available for teachers and SNAs to register their interest in working on a school based programme in a special school. Student teachers and students in relevant disciplines such as therapy, social care and nursing and others, including early childcare workers and carers, will also be able to register their interest in working on such programmes.

The length of the day is being reduced from the full school day to 10am – 2pm but the same daily rate will be paid to staff taking part. This again recognises the challenges associated with running the programme in a special school.

2023 Documentation

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