Payment of Salary

Salary Issue

Salary for primary teachers issues every second Thursday from the Department of Education and Skills. The payroll period is listed at the top of your payslip.

Permanent and temporary teachers are paid two weeks in arrears. Substitute teachers will sometimes be paid more than two weeks in arrears due to the early closure of the OLCS system for substitute claims.

The DES operate a PayPath facility through which a permanent or fixed-term teacher may opt to have her/his salary paid directly to a bank or building society account. A pay slip stating gross and net pay and giving details of deductions made from salary (tax, PRSI, VHI, INTO, Comhar Linn, etc) will also be sent directly to an address nominated by the teacher.


Government Departments are authorised under existing financial procedures to seek the refund of overpayments. The entitlement to recover overpayments is provided for in Rule 107 (2) of the Rules for National Schools.

When a teacher has been overpaid it is normal practice for the Department of Education and Skills Financial Section to contact the teacher in order to arrange for the recovery of the overpayment, either through a lump sum or instalments.

A teacher who becomes aware that s/he is being overpaid should contact the DES at the earliest opportunity.

For further information refer to Circular 84/2015