The Teaching Council


It a requirement for teachers to register with the Teaching Council in order to be paid salary by the State.

If a teacher does not renew registration on time then salary will be stopped. Teachers are responsible for ensuring that their contact details are up to date –home address, email and phone numbers may be updated through the My Registration facility. This enables the Council to notify teachers prior to registration being due for renewal.

How do I Register?

The process depends on whether an applicant qualified in Ireland or outside Ireland. Registration options can be found here

Code of Professional Conduct

The Teaching Council has published a Code of Professional Conduct for Teachers, which sets out the standards of professional knowledge, skill, competence and conduct expected of registered teachers. These are underpinned by four core values – respect, care, integrity and trust.

Click here to read Code of Professional Conduct for Teachers (updated 2016)

Fitness to Teach/Complaints about Teachers

The Teaching Council has an information page advising teachers about what to do if a complaint is made about them.

Still have questions?

Submit your query by email to INTO. Please include your payroll or membership number.