How to Elect a School Rep

Election of a School Representative

School Representatives should be elected every year and existing Representatives are eligible for re-election. A meeting should be called of all INTO members at the start of the new school year.

Northern Office should be informed of the election results by returning the School Representatives Pro-Forma below as soon as possible.

Status of the School Representative

An accredited School Representative is an elected representative of INTO. The INTO provides each School Representative with written credentials which set out:

  • The school the appointment covers;
  • The duties of the School Representative.

The Accreditation Certificate bears the authorizing signature of the Northern Secretary. The School Representative should always be aware that in the carrying out of these duties she/he is acting on behalf of INTO and that management must recognize her/him as the representative of INTO members in the school.


Northern Office issues the School Representative with the following:

  • Accreditation Letter;
  • School Representatives’ information material.

INTO School Representative Pro-Forma (pdf)

INTO School Representative Pro-Forma Irish Version (pdf)