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Congratulations to all Newly Qualified Teachers!

You have joined the profession at an exciting, if challenging time. Rapid change is taking place in many areas.

Before you go out to work, it is of the utmost importance that you belong to a recognised teachers' union and there is none better than INTO.

The INTO wishes you every success and we look forward to supporting you throughout your teaching career.

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“My name is Declan Colgan and I have been teaching in the primary sector for nine years and during this time I have also been a member of the INTO. When I graduated from St Mary's University Belfast, I didn't really know the importance of being part of a union, however people kept telling me you don't know when you might need them. I therefore took this advice on board and signed up with INTO in 2011 and a few years later down the line there did come a time when I needed to call on the assistance of INTO. INTO played a crucial part in helping me gain employment in a teaching job closer to home and this has had a really positive impact on my life since. Less of a distance to travel to work has given me more energy and enthusiasm in my daily teaching as well as more time made available to spend with my family. After this positive change in employment I felt it was time to give something back and I therefore decided to get more involved in the INTO. I initially started attending my local INTO branch meetings. Immediately I was made feel very welcome and I therefore kept returning to these branch meetings. From going to the local branch meetings, I got to know many other teachers as well as reacquaint with past teaching colleagues and students from University. I became more aware of what was going on in other schools and what right's as teachers we have. Furthermore, by getting involved in the INTO I became aware of a number of conferences and social trips that I was able to attend. My first conference was the Youth Conference of 2019 in the Armagh City Hotel. This was a weekend I thoroughly enjoyed and as result I have now attended other conferences such as the Northern Conference. All my experiences of these INTO Conferences have been positive, thoroughly enjoyable and educational. At each branch meeting and conference, I am overwhelmed with how hospitable INTO is towards its members. I would highly recommend and encourage any university graduate to become an INTO member and I look forward to meeting some of you hopefully in the future.”

Declan Colgan