Retention in Employment as a Teacher after Compulsory Retirement Age of 65 – “Inadequate” Temporary Arrangement Issued by DES

The DES has issued Circular 0027/2018 (pdf) which contains “temporary arrangements which will apply to certain staff to be retained beyond their compulsory retirement age of 65 years until they reach the age of eligibility for the Contributory State Pension”.

Late last year, the government committed to legislate to increase to 70 the compulsory retirement age applying to public servants recruited before 1 April 2004. This legislation is to be introduced in “Q2” of 2018. The interim arrangement set out in this Circular is viewed by INTO as totally inadequate for those members facing compulsory retirement and who are short of full service. It does not allow teachers to accrue additional service and requires retirement (taking pension and lump sum) with recommencement on point one of the scale and with pension abatement provisions.

INTO calls on government to expedite the promised legislation. We will advise members further about their options this term. It is not envisaged that the temporary arrangement in this Circular (which comes with extensive “FAQs (pdf)”) will be attractive to those facing compulsory retirement; the main focus must be on seeking to have the legislative amendment in place for those public servants affected.