Reconvened INTO Northern Conference Discusses Ongoing Disputes

INTO’s Northern Conference is taking place on Monday 30 April in Enniskillen. Delegates from over 20 branches in INTO Districts 1 and 2 are participating in the conference which had to be postponed in early March due to adverse weather conditions.

The delegates meet in the context of discussions on a number of interlinked disputes on pay, conditions and workload. The pay issue includes the non-payment of a 1% uplift in 2015-’16 and the pay caps imposed since then. And on workload in schools, INTO has led in seeking a reasonable workload agreement.

Guest speaker is Owen Reidy, Northern Secretary of the ICTU, who will outline the “Better Life – Better Work” campaign which ICTU unions have launched across Northern Ireland.

Delegates to INTO’s Northern Conference include members of the CEC and Benefit Funds Committee.