Compulsory Retirement at Age 65 This School Year

INTO has received some queries about changes to compulsory retirement. These arise out of a government announcement that it intends in 2018 to change the law so that public servants (who began service before 2004) will no longer have to retire at 65 but instead will have a retirement age of 70. This does not affect existing provisions for retirement at earlier ages but may be attractive to teachers who have limited pensionable service at age 65.

While it appeared earlier that the required legislation might be in place to allow teachers, who are being retired compulsorily at the end of this school year, to continue in service and to accrue pension, it is now thought unlikely that the legislation will be enacted within this timeframe.

The DES has recently sent Notice of Retirement letters to teachers who, under current legislation, must retire on age grounds at the end of this school year. The DES has also issued Circular 0027/2018 on temporary arrangements which provide that teachers who wish to remain in work after age 65, pending the legislation, may do so for one year only but under certain conditions including formally retiring before resuming work. This one year’s
employment would be post-retirement and not count towards further pensionable service.

A fuller outline of the position will be published in the June edition of “InTouch”.