INTO stands side by side with Lloyds Pharmacy workers seeking union recognition

INTO sends message of support to Lloyds Pharmacy Workers

Meeting in Kilkenny today, members of the INTO’s Central Executive Committee issued a statement in support of trade union Mandate and the efforts of Lloyds Pharmacy workers to establish union recognition and secure better working conditions.

The ongoing industrial dispute involving some 240 workers is almost 40 Lloyds Pharmacies across the nation centres around:

  • Recognition of trade union membership;
  • A pay increase and incremental pay scales;
  • The introduction of a sick pay scheme;
  • Security of hours and the elimination of zero-hour contracts; and
  • Improvements in annual leave entitlements and public holiday premiums.

INTO President Joe Killeen said, “The right to join and establish a trade union is a basic right and we extend our support and solidarity to those workers in Lloyds Pharmacies across the country who are standing up not only for that right but in opposition to precarious work and zero-hour contracts. The right to earn a living wage, to feed your family and pay your bills, cannot be phased out in the interests of corporate efficiency”.