Re-vetting of Teachers with GCVU Vetting Letters

The Teaching Council has today begun (October 2018) the process of writing to teachers who have GCVU vetting letters to inform them of the requirement to obtain a vetting disclosure from the National Vetting Bureau. An NVB vetting disclosure will be required in order for registration to be renewed.

Letters to teachers will issue on a phased basis and will be according to date of registration. Over 1,300 teachers (primary and post-primary) whose date of registration is in February (2019) will be the first cohort to be contacted by the Teaching Council.

Teachers are advised to apply promptly for re-vetting when contacted and requested by the Teaching Council in order for registration to be renewed.

Any teacher who has a GCVU vetting letter will require a vetting disclosure for the purpose of changing school/employer in the foreseeable future. These teachers should apply for a vetting disclosure in the normal manner as per Circular 31/2016 (pdf). These typically include teachers who intend to change school, sub on career break etc.

Further information on Re-vetting: