INTO will see through current member consultation

Meeting this afternoon in Dublin, INTO’s Central Executive Committee confirmed the ongoing consultation with members will continue until all branches and districts have been engaged. The executive further acknowledged the commitment of all members to delivering pay equality for new entrants to the profession.

Reflecting on the current political landscape, members of the Central Executive Committee discussed key issues for the membership, including staffing and conditions, ongoing litigation, workload, benchmarking and posts of responsibility, amongst many others.

INTO General Secretary Sheila Nunan said, “In the recent ballot, our members rejected the offer from government as failing to deliver pay equality for all new entrants. Consultation meetings have taken place over the last month, including a major Consultative Conference which has allowed the Executive to better understand the views of our diverse membership. With several meetings still to take place, INTO will conclude this consultation stage before moving onto a subsequent ballot on industrial action.

Around the table there was a restatement of our ongoing commitment to delivering equal pay, which remains top of the agenda for the union. We will listen to our members, we will enact a timeline that works for our members and we will propose a campaign which will deliver for our members.