Information for Members in the Teachers’ Car Insurance Scheme

Brexit-Related Impacts re Green Cards and UK Licence Holders

INTO members have access to a tailored car insurance product through Cornmarket Brokers. Several thousand members are part of this scheme, with insurance provided by the company RSA Insurance Ireland.

Following queries from members, the following information was sourced from Cornmarket Brokers.

1. Green Cards
Over recent days, RSA has (as a precautionary step) issued Green Cards directly to all members of the Teachers’ Motor Insurance Scheme. Policyholders should start receiving them this week. Green Cards provide proof of insurance in certain non-EU jurisdictions (including, potentially, for ROI drivers in Northern Ireland in the event of a no-deal Brexit). If any member has urgent queries or requests, please contact Cornmarket directly and they will take the appropriate action. Green Cards will not be necessary if a deal is agreed between the UK and the EU on Brexit. If the UK were to further delay their plans for Brexit then the need for Green Cards would also be delayed.

2. UK Driving Licences
For those who hold a UK Driving Licence, prior to Brexit these can be exchanged for a full Irish Licence. However in the event of a no-deal Brexit the driving licence of a UK/NI licence holder living in the Republic of Ireland will not be recognised and the driver will not be able to continue to drive in ROI on that licence. Such drivers may exchange their UK/NI driving licence for an ROI driving licence before 12 April 2019 at any of the 36 National Driving Licence Service (NDLS) centres.

Full details of this process and further information and FAQs on Brexit can be found on the NDLS website: