INTO agrees process towards pay equality with Department of Public Expenditure and Reform

INTO is satisfied that new entrants entering the sector from 2015 are paid equally to colleagues who entered the profession prior to the cuts, as a result of the agreement reached in September 2018.

Our members ultimately rejected that offer from government as it would have left their colleagues, who entered the profession between 2011 and 2014, facing future financial losses of up to €19,000.

INTO undertook a national consultation with our members in the aftermath of the ballot which included hosting a national conference in Dublin. This consultation clarified that whilst members accepted that colleagues entering the profession from 2015 are paid equally, they were not prepared to stand by whilst colleagues who had entered the sector between 2011 and 2014 faced further financial losses in future years.

Following this consultation, the union’s central executive committee authorised the union’s leadership to enter into further negotiations with government, focused solely on the 2011 to 2014 cohort. At the same time, the executive determined that a resolution would have to be found in the successor agreement to the Public Sector Stability Agreement, in order to finally bring an end to pay inequality.

INTO General Secretary Designate said, “Arising from recent negotiations, Sheila Nunan, outgoing general secretary of the INTO, has this afternoon informed delegates attending INTO Congress in Galway, that a process has been agreed with government, finally setting a pathway towards ending pay inequality. This process, which takes the form of a statement of intent by government, acknowledges the need to find a resolution on pay equality and other outstanding pay issues by way of a pay review process or in the context of the next public sector pay talks.”

He said, “Earlier today, the central executive committee considered the new development and has decided that INTO members will utilise this new process which has now been agreed with government. INTO’s motion on pay equality, adopted at Congress 2018, asked the union to secure an agreement that had “the capacity to achieve a resolution of all aspects of pay inequality.”

Mr. Boyle said, “INTO is confident that today’s announcement provides a pathway to pay equality which will deliver for our 2011 to 2014 cohorts, while enabling us to focus on other outstanding pay issues including a now twelve-year-old principals’ pay award and a general pay rise for teachers who have not received a pay rise since 2007.”