Summary Leaflet on Pregnancy-Related Sick Leave

New Flyer for Public Servants

INTO is working on the comprehensive list of demands in our Annual Congress (2019) resolution on reproductive health (see resolution in May InTouch p.20 (pdf)).

As part of the review of the Public Service Sick Leave Scheme, INTO sought as a start that clear information be provided on the current protections around pregnancy-related sick leave (PRSL), limited though these are. The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform has now published a leaflet to address the question “What happens if I become sick while pregnant?” This sets out the position for public servants generally, including teachers.

The new flyer sets out in brief: (a) general sick leave entitlements, (b) particular terms around PRSL, and (c) provisions where sick leave is fully used up while pregnant.

INTO welcomes this publication in drawing attention to the particular provisions around PRSL, as the Organisation works on the full range of measures referenced in the 2019 INTO Congress resolution.

Download the Public Service Sick Leave Scheme – Pregnancy Related Sick Leave (PRSL) leaflet (pdf)