INTO secures concessions for teachers in new Primary Language Curriculum

The Department of Education and Skills (DES) has announced the introduction of the Primary Language Curriculum – Junior Infants to 6th Class. A Circular outlining supports for the revised Primary Language Curriculum has also been published.

INTO is aware that the department is in the process of issuing the new curriculum to all schools. It is also available online (click here).

INTO fought hard to get additional support for teachers regarding the revised primary language curriculum.

The INTO also demanded time for teachers to embed the language curriculum before a revised mathematics curriculum would be introduced.

The Circular outlines the support available over the next three years, commencing with a seminar for all schools in Autumn 2019. The first seminars are scheduled to take place from next Monday.

Schools may then apply for sustained support from PDST.

Two webinars are being planned for each year. The focus of each webinar will be decided in response to teachers’ needs. Schools may take a half day to engage with each webinar. Leadership seminars are also planned for school principals. Full details of the support programme and school closures are outlined in the Circular. In addition to including a curriculum for 3rd to 6th class, the language curriculum document itself has been updated based on feedback from teachers.

Primary Language Curriculum 0045/2019

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