Breast Health Awareness Campaign

The INTO is delighted to announce an initiative led by the INTO, Cornmarket and Breast Cancer Ireland to raise awareness about breast health in primary schools around the country.


Qualified Breast Cancer Ireland Outreach Coordinators will be travelling throughout Ireland to provide presentations to teachers and staff in schools about the importance of breast health education. Using a medically induced mannequin, the Breast Cancer Ireland outreach coordinator will show the eight signs and symptoms of breast cancer as well as how to perform a self-check examination. Presentations can be arranged for 20–25 minutes during lunch time or 45 minutes after school hours (Croke Park hours) and we would encourage all our members to attend this invaluable presentation.


From October 2019, correspondence will be issued to all staff representatives with further information on this initiative and inviting schools to participate in the programme. The presentation can be arranged at a time/date that suits staff within your school.


The first step for schools is to register your interest in a presentation. Why not do this today? See the link below.


We are encouraging all staff working at schools to come along to the presentation. We also encourage males to attend the presentation to get an understanding of how this may affect their partner or any women in their lives.


The main focus of this new programme is about driving awareness and encouraging INTO members to self-check regularly to identify what is normal for them, so that if an abnormality does occur it will be identified early and hopefully provide a more positive outcome.


The effect of this programme in the short and longer term will be hugely significant and has the potential to really make a difference to the lives of our members and your colleagues. To find out more or register your interest, visit the Cornmarket INTO Breast Health Programme webpage.